Installing IKEA kitchens in Canberra during coronavirus pandemic

24/04/2020by admin

Since the moment the coronavirus started to become a problem in Australia, CanKit has been ramping up its own hygiene practices to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

So many people are staying at home as part of the country’s efforts to flatten the curve and tackle COVID-19.

So it’s not unexpected that many are deciding it’s time to start that kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation they’ve been meaning to do for so long.

They head over to IKEA to start looking into the process, and eventually find their way to us at CanKit, where we provide all the services you need to make your dream kitchen a reality.

We do In Home Design consultations and installations, and provide all the associated services that go with home renovation, taking the project management part of the job out of your hands.

And we can do it in a way that doesn’t put anyone’s health or safety at risk.

Most tradies, like us at CanKit, are still able to perform their normal work while still respecting social distancing and adhering to the current guidelines about safe work practices.

At CanKit, we rarely work in teams of more than two at a time, and we usually ask that clients be in another room – or out of the house altogether – while installing cabinets.

We always check to make sure prospective clients haven’t travelled overseas recently.

We’re also super-hygienic, wiping countertops and taps with alcohol solutions, and wearing masks where appropriate.

Some clients have been concerned that they can’t undergo renovations while the pandemic is happening.

But rest assured, if you go hire CanKit to install your IKEA kitchen or bathroom, you have nothing to worry about.

We make the process of installing flat-pack cabinetry from IKEA, Bunnings or elsewhere super easy and smooth.

It’s the perfect project to tackle while in self-isolation.

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